our services

brand identity & development

We're passionate in making the most visible part of your brand even more outstanding. This is perfect if you're just about to start your business or wanting you refresh how your brand looks and feels like.

With an existing brand, if you want to go in-depth with your brand and reflect the values for your customers or team members - you're in the right place! We love to develop your brands so that each customers and employees can relate better with, and hence elevate the brand even more.

website design

We are proud Shopify and Rocketspark partners, our goal is to create beautiful, highly-performing website for our clients. From a simple website to showcase your products/services to the money-making e-commerce website, we tackle them all. Talk to us today!

market research

With vast experience in market research, The Confidants aims to help you answer any questions you have. With the power of data, of course. We want to give you an objective evaluation of the matter, so you'd have the best knowledge possible. We use quantitative method and take advantage of the digital surveys to gather information. From questionnaire design to the descriptive/ statistical analysis of data, we are here to help you make better decision for your business.