Toko Indo NZ: Behind the logo

Toko Indo NZ is an online grocery store specialising in selling various food products from Indonesia in New Zealand.

When we first do up the logo, we know that we want to maintain its red and white look - encapsulating the two colours of Indonesian flag but with more flair for boldness and contemporary feel.

The layout of the word "Toko Indo" (which means "Indonesian shop") is aligned on the bottom right of a square. This represents the operating centre of Toko Indo in Aotearoa, which locates in the south-east of Indonesia. 

The tag "Your Homesick Cure" is chosen to address the main customer base of Toko Indo NZ: those missing their friend/family in Indonesia while being 7,548 kms away. Toko Indo NZ is started with a simple vision to make Indonesian products more accessible in New Zealand, and thus to help cure a little bit of homesickness being so far away from home.